Fearless: Part 2 | Faithfully Fearless

Pastor Elliot Jones

Jun 01, 2019

You weren’t created to exist in a constant state of worry. It drains your joy and leaves you stressed, burned out, and exhausted. Your purpose isn’t living in fear. Step boldly into peace. Choose joy. Be fearless. In today’s message, Pastor Elliot will share about how the more we fill ourselves with God’s word, the more fear anxiety and stress gets flushed out! Let faith pour in, let fear get forced out. We stream every Sunday morning on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/lifelinelodi follow our page to get notified! Download our app: https://lifelinelodi.churchcenter.com/home Connect Card: https://www.lifelinelodi.com/connect/ Online Giving: https://lifelinelodi.churchcenter.com/giving

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